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Talking about the country of wine and about the history of wine-making in Armenia it should be mentioned that according to the Biblical legend, the winemaking dates back to the grape planted by Forefather Noah in the slope of Mount Ararat (Bible, Genesis 8:3, 4; Genesis 9:20, 21).

The wine was a reward for Noah and for his companions for all the sufferings that they overcame during the great flood. According to the scientifically proven facts, winemaking in Armenia has 6 thousand years history. Archeologists have found nuclei of grapes in Armenia, which being put in number of complicated analysis have confirmed the hypothesis, that winemaking in Ararat Valley has centuries old history. Many tares and winemaking equipments with wine remains and grape nucleus have been found in the caves near Areni village.  These studies about the history of winemaking in the Old World have been done by a group of Armenian, American and Irish people. The Armenians were the first who engaged in wine exporting. 

Armenia has long been famous for its wine-makers, which unique traditions have been preserved till today. This can even be notified from such philosophers, such as Herodotus and Strabone. In 401-400 BC, when the Greek troops led by Ksenofon were passing through the country Nairi (the ancient name for Armenia), in their homes they were treated by be

er and wine, those wines were stored in deep underground storages in special clay jars.

In 19-20th centuries the excavations done by academician Petrovski confirmed the fact that this country which has got a birth in 9th BC located in the interaction of The East and The West was a developed wine-making country. It is proved by archeologists who revealed more than 2500 years old wine storage with 480 jars in Red Hill castle (Teyshebaini), where could have been saved for about 37 thousand decalitre wine. 

Yet the ancestors of Armenians, who are the inhabitants of Urartu one of the ancient States of theworld, have been occupied with viticulture. In the chronologies have been preserved statements about that, that in such an ancient country of the world like this a special attention was given to the viticulture and fruit-growing. In the reached historical information there are mentioned various technological tricks of wine and beer preparation. Wine production traditions are carefully preserved for many years. It is impossible to deny the fact that even today many villagers as 3 millennia ago are reprocessing grape and get wine in special buildings as wine-press. And this one handful massif, which is famous for its hardworking inhabitants and the people who toil very hard, with its apricot odor and soft tune of duduk, with its red pomegranate and with its mountains flooded by sun is called Armenia. 

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