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Areni Wine Festival 2012

“Areni” Fest Foundation” organizes already a traditional “Areni Wine Festival 2012”, which is a wonderful opportunity to discover Armenia. Within the festival we invite wine-makers and those people who like wine, our culture and traditions. Within the festival you are given an opportunity to taste the best Armenian wines.

The festival program includes

· Opening ceremony,

· Professional wine-makers’ exhibition-fair,

· Homemade wine-maker’s exhibition-fair,

· Cheese producers’ exhibition-fair,


· “Armenia in your eyes” best wine label contest (graphic-design), 

· “Gold Keg 2012” prize for the best wine among the best wine-producers, 

· Homemade wine producers’ contest,

· Excursion programs,

· Carpet exhibition,

· National music, dance, games, theatrical performance.

On the both sides of the road there will be allocated booth for dishes, as for the left side of the road taking to the church there will be allocated tables and chairs creating an open air café, where “Armenian cookery traditions development and protection” NGO will provide exhibition-fair of various dishes. There will be also an open air café where you can get coffee and pastries.

Opening: 6 October, at 12:00 am, 2012

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