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Areni village and wine-making in Armenia

Areni village is situated in the southwest of nowadays Armenia. It has an ancient history. Starting from the 5-th century it has been mentioned in the historical sources by the name of Arpanial and in every record a reference is made to the noble wine of Areni.

Owing to the unique dry climate the valuable grapes of Areni have been ciltivated here, and no where else in Armenia has it shown itself as good as in the village of Areni.

Wine-making in Armenia has an acient history. This is evidenced by the numerous wine barrels and clay vats excavated out of the thick layer of soil in various places.

About Areni grapes

The homeland of Areni grapes is Vayots Dzor region of Armenia, in particular, the Area of Areni.

Areni has a black amber color.

Thanks to its pleasant sourish and specific taste, the best wines are made from Areni. Areni is an aborigine sort and in the course of centuries it has been adapted to the dry climate of Vayots Dzor.

The Areni vineyards are small in number which is due to the insufficiency of water and scarcity of lands.

The origin of cultivation of grapes and wine-making in Armenia dates back to the historical past.

Armenia... the whitish bright and burning sun. The light and hot breeze...

Armenia is famous for its unique wine-makers. Wine-making in Armenia arises from the ancient times. Its history started from the times of Noah. Since then people have been cultivating wine and bequeathing the secrets of viticulture from generation to generation.

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